Assalamualaikum my little Champion,

You are 30 days old and it had been a month since i gave birth to you. You’re suppose to be born this week, but i guess you just can’t wait to see the outside world.

Past 30 days was not that easy as we still need to go to hospital to check your jaundice and also to ensure my blood pressure are control. For Mummy and daddy, getting use to wake up in the middle of the night also was not easy but we are getting a hang of it. And you also feed well as you need to nurse every 2 hours. Yes dear, so far you are fully breast fed and i intent to go on till you’re 2 yo.

I love to hear you cry because you have such a sweet cry. And among all the babies in the procedure room in the hospital, your cry is the most prominent.

After a month,  your current weight is 2.7 kg increased 300g from your birth weight. Your head circumference increase 1 cm from 33cm to 34cm and your height maintained the same.

Kakak has been very protective over you and love you so much. When we were in and out of hospital she was quiet sad as she couldn’t see me or see you. She even prayed so that we can all get back together.

Till then sayang will update more..


Hello, I am 1 month and 1 day..