It has been ½ year past. It was bittersweet and my perception for 2008 is much better than what I thought it would be. There were so many things happened, from tears to laughter and from sad to joy.

The best thing is it was so magical and full of surprises how I understand where I stand in this life. Everything is as clear as a river at its source in a spring, till you can see the fishes, the pebbles and how the rippled water does not bother you but eases you as you ponder to it longer. My journey this year has made me stronger in terms of making a stand of myself as well as congealed steel to my backbone so I can stand tall.

Since my last posting, there were a few trips that I make, not to forget a special event that happened (that will always put a smile to my face) and a lost that will never be forgotten.

I went to Hanoi, Vietnam in April with company trip. At first I was quiet hesitate to go as money is an issue, so after further thoughts and after influencing my financier, she was willing to tag along with me. It was a fun and eye opening experience, as Vietnam is a country that you can make it as an example of living. Every small bit of land, there are agriculture going on for the people to go by everyday living. I can see life is very hard but easy going. Money is a constraint but stress is even lesser. Probably you see the result immediate when you work all your muscle for it rather than some of us in corporate world waiting for bonus and promotions and anticipation of something that might not happen that eventually kill our self-esteem. (Phew….I let it all out) It is just lucky to be able to live a life. What more important than have a soul in your body, have love in your heart and have faith in life? All I can summarize the trip; it is different that what I usually see. I love the cultural events, happening places and just analyzing their living and take the good ones back home.

Rule of Thumb number 1 of traveling, always go to cultural events, that is where you understand and aware of the history and their way of life. Music heals our soul; period, what can I say bout that?

After 5 days and 4 nights in Hanoi, Vietnam, I can say it was one of the best vacations ever. Why? 1. What my eye sees is different from what it usually sees 2. Language is different. 3. Climate was a bit cooler 4. People look different 5. Geographically also different. 6. With all above you know you’re not in your usual habitat.

So it was very fulfilling, and you go back with a refreshing feeling. That is what vacation is all about. You go to the destination with open heart and fill it up when you go back.

Below are the list what you should see in Hanoi Vietnam:

  1. Temple Literature
  2. Siem Raep Lake
  3. 36 Old street Old French Quarter
  4. Water Puppet Theater
  5. Ho Chi Minh Mosuleum
  6. Ho Chi Minh Residential Palace
  7. Ha long Bay
  8. Hoa Lu

Beautiful Hoa Lu

Beautiful Hoa Lu

Pictures says it all…Enjoy….More pics? CLick here.