Assalamualaikum My little Champion,

Past month was tough but we got it through…

Suddenly at 33 weeks,  Mummy was diagnosed with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) and was warded at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital,  under observation to control my blood pressure. You and I was warded 3 times and 3rd time Doctor Marlik decided that it is time to deliver you, because my uric acid has gone up to 448 where it should only be 350..and there’s protein in my urine..With these indications, doctor said I have preclampsia and you need to be delivered asap via ceasarean. Apparently it is a major operation to a women’s body. And I never prepared my self for recovery but I know I am willing to accept the decision for cesarean as it is for the best for you and I.

After the operation,  doctor said that it was a close call, it was either I may loose you or I loose my womb…I didn’t know that it was so serious.Doctor also said that during the operation he found out that the placenta has abrupted and there were blood clot in the placenta. As I asked Doc Google, causes of preclampsia is unknown. But I know you’re such a strong boy. So here you’re on 20th Sept 2014. You came 1 month earlier.

I was not able to see you right away because I was bedridden. I felt helpless and out of control, I was in pain but the morphine was there to help to ease the pain and for me to sleep.After the 3rd day when they took all the wires and the catheter away then I was able to get up.But without Daddy around I was not able to do anything, he has help me alot in the first week. For things that I thought he was not able to do he was there to help me to even changing my sanitary pad!💕

I was also prepared to let the hospital to give you formula milk first as I know breastmilk doesn’t come right away. It is because we were not able bond  right away. The 3rd day was the first time I saw you. Daddy took me to nursery at the hospital with me on the wheelchair as I can barely walk. The paediatrician said that your breathing was eratic so they need to warded you and put you in the incubator to help you breathe.  I was able to touch you and you were so small weighing 2.4kg. The day after was the first time I felt there’s milk in my breast. And true enough there were milk for you. At first there were not much, but the more we bond the milk start pouring in. 

We were able to go home after 6 days in the hospital with a bunch of medication for me. But we need to pay a visit to the doctors again after 4 days we got home.

My scar was healing about 70%. The OBGYN a.k.a Doc Marlik, took off the plaster and everything looks fine. Between u and me, I did not take my bath for 4 days we were at home because I was to afraid that water may sip into the plaster. It turns out the plaster was water proof. My check up went well. But as we visited your paediatrician,  Dr. Wong said you may stil be having jaundice so she ordered for a blood test. True enough your jaundice was 3.3 above the threshold of 10. So the Doctor require you to be warded to minimise the jaundice. I was able to request from Doc Marlik to admit me as well so that we won’t be far from each other. Daddy was not able to stay in the hospital together with us because I was only able to get 4 bedded room and there is no room for daddy to stay with me.

After 3rd day in the hospital, I just can’t stand staying in the hospital because it was too cold. So I decided to leave but you’re still under the photo therapy because your jaundice is at 11 and doctor still require you to be warded.  It was a hard decision to leave you at the hospital and I cried whenever i was alone but luckily Mak Tok is just nearby, so we decided to stay the night at Mak Tok’s house. The next day, at last after 4 days warded for jaundice and you were almost 2 weeks, doctor allow you to be discharge even with your jaundice of 10.9..I was so excited to take you home for good.

Next, I shall write about our experience having you at home.😆:D😄

Love you,