Assalamualaikum My Dear Baby,

Masyallah, how can I forget to update something during Ramadhan and now it is already Syawal..

You have been a good baby and even  more active while Mummy is fasting. Although we missed only 1 day because Mummy Daddy did not wake up for sahur and I was concern for you.
I was able to prepare food for sahur and even for iftar (sometime). Nevertheless,  fasting this year is so amazing and wonderful even when I have excuses to sleep even more.heheh..
I think you have lesser space bow in my tummy. Your movement can be seen from outside of my tummy. And Daddy is amazed for Allah’s creation. You’re such an active baby. The best thing is you react to Kakak’s and Daddy’s voice.
They love to talk to you esp Kakak love you so much.

There were some sad events happening during Ramadhan 1435h. There were war going on in Gaza which started 12th July 2014 and still going on. Hope Allah have mercy on the civilians esp women and children.  Then, there was another aviation incident where Malaysian Airlines MH17 commercial plane was shot down by a missile while it was flying in Ukraine airspace. I believe by the time you read this, all these events is already a history and you do some research about it. Again, Mummy give you homework..heheheh..  I also believe that all these events have changed us as Malaysian. It is sad but life must go on. We do not forget them but we heal with time and grow with the experience.

I want you to remember when you feel sad, always thought of Allah as sadness makes you grow and Allah will always help those who ask for help and guidance.  Life will not be easy and will not be fair.  Always thank Allah for sadness and happiness He brings because of Him we exist and experiencing all that we experience now.

Last but not least in this post, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin.


Till the next posting Adik,
Love Mummy.