15 weeks

Assalamualaikum Adik,

Alhamdullilah I’m doing better and hormone are pretty stabilise now.

Definitely,  many people had realise that I’m pregnant with you. Yeah! I don’t look fat. It is a wonderful feeling being pregnant, it makes me feel less lonely especially when you move around in my tummy.

Yesterday,  is Mummy and Daddy’s 5th anniversary. We were in Kuantan by the beach and Kakak is having a blast. Let me tell you one secret.When Kakak was 1 year old, she so afraid of walking on the sand of the beach. She said ” Bahaya, bahaya”. It was so funny. But now she will the first to jump in. Insyallah, I will keep photos of us all at the beach.

Till then Adik.. Mummy will try  update soon.


Happy 4th Birthday

Dear My First Born Alya,

It is better late than never.

Happy Belated 4th Birthday my princess. I hope you had fun on your birthday. It was full of colours with rainbow cake and ‘My Little Ponies Friendship of Harmony’ on top of it. And with most of your friends and balloons with your favourite colours pink and purple. And you wore a tiara and you look like a true princess.

You have never stop surprise us with your antics and brightness. You have been very considerate and understanding and it is a surprise for a 4 year old. You may have throw some tantrums, but you’re very much understood why we mad at you.

At this time around, you love Frozen theme song ‘Let it Go’ and you do love the movie entirely.

And as my tummy growing, you love kissing Adik and hug my tummy.

Please take care of Adik and show Adik how wonderful life could be.


11 weeks..

Assalamualaikum Adik,

Jangan marah mummy ok? I haven’t update for 3 weeks ++ since last posting.

Now you’re size of a lime. Last week on 27 March 2014, we went for our checkup with Dr. Marlik. Your length were 41.1mm. And you’re growing well even you’ve started dancing in my tummy.. Tu lah Daddy tak percaya i already felt you moved..And Doc said he can see your 2 legs and 2 hands..but we will go into details when you’re slightly bigger in me..

This week going to be Kakak’s bday on 4th April. So we’re planning a bit but i guess Kakak will be more excited when she see what we got for her. I’ll post it next week.

And guess what today is Kakak Khayla’s birthday (1st April). Make sure you’re close with each other and keep in touch and take care with each other. There is nothing else more beautiful and precious and matters than family bonding.

Next week you’ll be 12 weeks in my tummy. So I will try to update you with something ok?

Now i need to get back to my long overdue assignments.

Love you Adik.

7 weeks

Assalamualaikum Adik,

Today is Monday 10th March 2014. You’re already 7 weeks and 4 days in my tummy. You’re still an embryo and they say you’re like a size of a blueberry. I found out about you when you were only 4 weeks in my tummy. Immediately, I make appointment with Dr. Marlik Abu, the gynae that took care of Kakak when Kakak in my tummy but did not deliver Kakak because he was down with H1N1.

My first appointment with him was on the ?Check date?. I did blood test for glucose and also HCG. The he is not satisfied with the glucose test he asked me to do glucose tolerance test in my next appoinment the week after. This time he really want to take care of you because I had miscarriage 2 years ago (from this posting) a day after my birthday. I did not go through all this tests with Kakak. Maybe because I was only 27 and was not overweight.it is okay Adik, Mummy will try to lose weight after I give birth to you. Then last Saturday on 8th of March, there was another checkup and Doc said your heartbeat is visible and Daddy can see it but not me.

Well with you this time, I had some rashes on my face and I got morning sickness that started at 11 am and continue until at night. Then, other people cannot drive the car, I’ll get more dizzy.

Sad thing had happen though. Malaysia Airlines has lost its plane MH370 on 8 th March 2014 at 2.40 am, 2 hrs after it take off. With me being pregnant with you doesn’t really help to calm my emotions and concerns.  However, as stated in Quran “Kun Fa Ya Kun”.Later, please find out.you’re only 7 weeks and Mummy is giving you homework!hahaha.

With the haze around doesn’t really helpful with my morning sickness.i have been very dizzy and nauseous.  But, I’m trying to fight it off by writing you this letter.To tell you the truth, I’m embracing every moment because this is a fulfilling experience.

2. Start an annual medical checkup routine part 2



There is no cure to PCOS, however we can manage it especially when we want to get pregnant.

Mostly PCOS woman has excessive body hair, obesity and hormone imbalance and also causes Insulin Resistance.

It is all clear now, it is easier for me to gain weight than losing weight. With my gastric problem, it is not helpful for me to lose weight.

So the OBGYN asked me to come and see him again when I get my period. As I need to start taking CLOMID to induce the production of egg so that I can get normal ovulation and maybe baby dance if there’s positive ovulation.

However, for my case, every cycle is different period. Sometimes, 37 days, sometimes, 45 days and sometimes 57 days.

So when I got my period, I went and see my OBGYN, then he prescribed me only CLOMID. Then, after 12th day of period I have to come again to scan whether there’s egg production from my ovary.

It has been 3 cycle, and all no sign of egg production at the optimum date which is 12th day. So after 3rd cycle I started taking additional supplements from Shaklee (GLA , Vit E and Alfalfa).

Then I started experiencing hot flashes where the GLA is trying to align back normal processes to my body (sure hope this theory is right, as this is only my hypothesis).

As at today, the 3rd cycle of CLOMID with addition of supplements, I haven’t had my period (53 days). I’m still waiting for my period to come.. No I’m not pregnant, I have checked 3 times.

As you can read and sense, frustration is getting high..

My plan now to stop getting the CLOMID and try to loose weight. I might consider METFORMIN.
Till then…