Today is 11th June 2014 is my 31st birthday. First time celebrating my birthday while being pregnant.

The love I received is so overwhelming therefore I share the love with those around me.

The surprise gift from DH (i. e. Dear Husband) was a surprise although I found it not on my birthday but a few days earlier. I saw and felt the signs but totally ignored it.


How sweet is the gift. A collection worth to begin with. You can say that is so weird for a pregnant lady to ask for such a thing. Well, I wasn’t asking for it but were planning to get it in future. Nevertheless,  earlier is better. This will be so cool for our new house.

A few things I learnt from past year,
1. Allah is Great
2. Clear conscience,  being true to yourself and honest to others is sweet
3. Love your love ones but love your self more because we’re all human
4. Think 2 steps forward

There are more but can’t think of it now..

Till then,