Assalamualaikum My Dear Baby,

It has been 20 weeks and we have another 20 weeks to go.

Not much has been happening around us, except for some birthdays which I forgot to inform you. 1st was Nena’s which is on 16th May and Mak Long’s on 26th May.Both we had small but very meaningful celebration. For Nena’s we went to Aquaria and we had lunch at Pavillion. For Mak Long’s was just hanging out at Mak Tok’s house with 2 swimming sessions.

On daily basis, I try to cook most of the time for Daddy and Kakak. Everytime we cook, you would move inside mt tummy. Either you love cooking or it is just noisy with all the pounding and sizzles.

Other than that, we are doing alot of planning for our new house. Which also you love listening to me discussing wih Daddy.

And I think you love music . Every time you hear music you would move around. Doesn’t really matter genre of music, as long as it is good music..when I like it you will like it too. And I tend to love singing. I wasn’t like this with Kakak before. With Kakak, I study alot so no time to think about all this.

When you move, for now it is a bit ticklish as you’re only 393 gm. But wait till you’re 1 kg +…It will be a whirlpool inside my tummy. You always love to hear Kakak talking and playing, how I know? You keep moving when Kakak is around. Hope you will be good siblings in future as you need each other.

One exciting news though,  Daddy felt you the first time on 30th May 2014. It was just a simple good night wish and you responded well to Daddy. Daddy was so excited, then 5 minutes later Daddy snore away. Next one was on the 31st May 2014, Daddy thought it was just a spasm, I said nope, it was you. You know who your Daddy is…

We went for a checkup on 4th of June 2014.And Doctor Marlik confirm your gender. I hope he is right. And he wrote something on your scanned picture. L

Okay My Love, next is a special day. I will try to update you.

Till then.