Dear My First Born Alya,

It is better late than never.

Happy Belated 4th Birthday my princess. I hope you had fun on your birthday. It was full of colours with rainbow cake and ‘My Little Ponies Friendship of Harmony’ on top of it. And with most of your friends and balloons with your favourite colours pink and purple. And you wore a tiara and you look like a true princess.

You have never stop surprise us with your antics and brightness. You have been very considerate and understanding and it is a surprise for a 4 year old. You may have throw some tantrums, but you’re very much understood why we mad at you.

At this time around, you love Frozen theme song ‘Let it Go’ and you do love the movie entirely.

And as my tummy growing, you love kissing Adik and hug my tummy.

Please take care of Adik and show Adik how wonderful life could be.