It is hard to be in denial.

As you need to prove you’re doing the opposite. This may be another rambling and yeah there are people whom going through worse than what you’re going through now.

Having to make a decision that change your life, with hopes that things going to change. Well, it turns out, when you make a change for improvement, it will not change other people perception or change they way they accept you from day 1 you know each other or even to improve themselves from the progress you have made with yourself. Sometime you wonder how to move on when you feet keep getting stuck in the past.

Definitely what I expect to happen didn’t happen. Nothing change except for my level of acceptance slightly different as I’m totally calm after finding out “stop-do-that” wasn’t stopping. It is not my waste anymore. Whatever sins from now on is not because of me.

What I’m suppose to do when trust isn’t there, passion is getting low, routine is getting high, not too sure where or what love is and a look in the eye is no longer the same. Again, denial is the way to live and keep praying to be strong.

Going out is not an option, keep moving on is the game. Wishing things to change will not be the answer, just alternatives ways to maneuver to get through heartache and achieve harmony even love is not present.

Allah know’s best..